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Author Topic: Embarrassing Moments!!!!
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I had such an embarrassing day today! I was walking around the mall with my friends and we went into this store to try on some clothes and i came out in this skirt and sweater and my friends said that they liked it and behind my friends i saw this guy from my school that i really like so i decided to go back to the dressing room and put back on my clothes and when i came back out they were all laughing and he had this weird look on his face and left. Later my friends told me that my skirt was tucked into my underwear and they could see my underwear. Ugh it was embarrassing!!! I was hoping you guys could tell me some of your embarrassing moments so i won't feel so embarrassed please!!!!
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ooh- this is a good one...

I was wearing this blue t-shirt. It was really lightweight and i'd just finished having a shower - and my friends from down the hall popped by, and since i was probably about 7 months pregnant at the time, my boobs had just started leaking at odd times.

Needless to say, my friends come by and I've got this nice, big, dark wet spot over my nipple. That was pretty embarassing

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True story:

I was going in for a job interview for a summer job while I was in college. Before the interview, I went to the ladies' room to pee, because I always have to pee when I get nervous... and job interviews make me nervous!

I didn't notice until after my interview that I had somehow managed to tuck the end of the roll of toilet paper into the waistband of my skirt, and had walked away trailing toilet paper behind me. A good 3 foot long piece of toilet paper was dangling from the back of my waistband THE WHOLE TIME. No one mentioned it until I got into the elevator to leave the building and this other woman in the elevator reached out and yanked it off and said "musta tucked it in without noticing it, I had that happen once."

I was *mortified*. Didn't get the job, either. I bet they thought I was some kind of loony who walked around with toilet paper hanging from her clothes all the time.

Of course, now I think it's pretty funny. But it took a while for me to be able to see it that way.

Hanne Blank
Co-Editor, Scarleteen

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Oh, my, my. Where to start?

Well, we could start with the great underwear fiasco of the seventh grade. Being exhausted, I just peeled of my jeans and underwear together, left them on the floor, and went to bed. Next morning, didn't have a clean pair of jeans to wear, so I just pulled the ones from the previous day on. With the underwear still inside. Without me knowing. Cut to first period. Everyone starts laughing. Why? Because my underwear just fell out in front of the guy I liked.

Then there's the infamous trip to the county courthouse in eighth grade. We were outside the courthouse waiting for the bus, and some boys were sitting on a marble bench, and would occasionally stand up on it. It was about 20 degrees outside, so I just figured that their butts were cold.....until MONTHS later, when I realized that they had been looking down my low cut shirt. Ouch.

Then there's having my drama teacher scream at me in front of a roomfull of people, falling out of the shower (don't ask) on a class trip, having the most obnoxious girl in our chorus make fun of me about the guy I liked-in front of him and the guy that liked me, and tonight's latest, a conversation that started with a male friend asking if he and the other guys ever talked about me in a non platonic way, and ended with him thinking I like him. Which I don't. Again, ow. Don't worry, we all have embarrassing moments. I just have them daily.

"If you obey all the
rules you miss all the fun."
-Katherine Hepburn

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what if in your sleep you dreamed
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to heaven and there you plucked a
strange and beautiful flower, and
what if when you awoke you had the
flower in your hand? Ah, what then?"
-Samuel T. Coleridge

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Our speech team had a little good-luck mascot that we took on every little trip and outing. It was a mannequin's head that someone had stolen in the '70s from a department store during one of the senior drama trips (which were, surprise surprise, cancelled soon after..) It has a curly brown mannequin-fro, red lipstick, and blue eyeshadow up to its blonde eyebrows. Ugly ugly ugly. And her name is Head. *you can probably see where this is going.*
Anyway, so we were at the NFL (national forensics league) state competition and I was performing in the finals round. I walked in very professionally, with this mannequin's head, and sat it on an empty desk. I proceeded to deliver my piece and ended fantastically. One of the judges asked if I could stay to hear some oral critiques, and in my excited state, with the head under my arm, I said, "No, my best friend is getting ready to perform, I have to go give him Head."

Another time, I was setting up some microphones onstage in preparation for the spring play. They were supposed to be off. One of my friends came up to help me and we started talking about random things. I said, "Hey, could you take over here, I have to sneak out and go to the bathroom, I think I just started my period and I don't want anyone to see any red spots on my a**" From out in the audience comes the voice of our director... "Miss *my last name*... those mics could be turned down a little bit. But you can do it after you come back from the bathroom." The mics weren't off.

More to follow as I get the nerve to post them.

I need my conscience to keep watch over me
To protect me from myself
So I can wear honesty like a crown on my head
When I walk into the promised land

Aria of Mayhem

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Oh Aria. The Head one was really funny.

Sorry. I really shouldn't be laughing so hard but you really made my day.

I was having a pretty lousy one previously.

[This message has been edited by Lin (edited 12-19-2000).]

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Glad to be of service, Lin

I need my conscience to keep watch over me
To protect me from myself
So I can wear honesty like a crown on my head
When I walk into the promised land

Aria of Mayhem

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My embarassing moment was:

I was In know that store, right?! With all the neat dresses around prom time and whatnot.

Anyways..I was trying on a backless shirt and I could hear these giggles outside my door, but didnt think anything of it. I finally turned around and saw in the mirror these 2 guys i knew from school looking over the top of the ******* door.

I was raged. After i was finsihed, I busted out of there and started yelling and told the managers and stuff..and told them they were irresponsible for letting guys come to the back..i got a $50 certificate and that backless shirt for free!

The guys werent punished..but its ok, cause i was rewarded!

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Well, today I was walking down a busy street coming back from piano lessons.
Anyways I was just walking and all of a sudden I fell SO fast and SO hard on to the ground onto my face!! Then I realized that my shoelace and got hooked on to a hook on my boot on my other foot! I was soo embarrased, and I ended up having a scratched up knee and my wrists are killin me!! heh

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this one isnt that embarrassing, but i cant think right now so if i remember ill post. and i CANT post one... augh!
i was going to go jogging, but i know all these people on my street, so i dont like jogging infront of people ANYWAY. well, a car was coming and another person was walking, so i decided to act like i was getting something out of the car. my sisters car was sitting there, so i walk over and act as if im opening it and the alarm goes off! i jumped back and right when the people were passing..they just stared at me. i go inside and then have to ask my sister to turn it off, and they laughed at why i was by the car.
heres another semi embarrassing one
i was at walmart for hours with my friends. at the time i had a crush on this guy. so we were over in toys and bikes, and there were these HILARIOUS dolls, so i was laughing and hit this big box like a couple feet tall. it just falls over on the floor, and right then my crush walks by. he just smiles and says wuz up. so i run across the aisle to my friends and start telling them about it, when he just comes back! and looks at us! and then left again. and i was talking about him.
and the time he saw my crush written all over the binder and told him, and when we got in trouble at this store for 2 people being in the dressing room then my friend got stuck in her dress,etc.
well i have to go..if i remember the others ill tell!

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