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Author Topic: *Poll*
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I met my boyfriend at school, boring eh?

This year is my freshman year in highschool, and at the beginning of the year I only knew 2 or 3 people out of my grade of 300. He was in my english/history and science classes, and I can remember that on the first few days of school as I was scanning the crowd for cute guys I noticed him and thought he was adorable, but didn't start liking him until the end of October at a drama fundraiser dance we both attended. We became friends because we were assigned to do two long term projects together, and so we spent a lot of time together after school and over the weekends working on them. We've been friends ever since, but I was afraid to tell him that I liked him in any other way. Then, suddenely, one day he told me he liked me and things went off from there

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hi everyone,

well ... me & my boy met cos we worked at the same place, sheepishly i admit it was at good old' mcdonalds!

he was the kind of guy who used to chat up and toy with everyone female who worked there! i used to think he was such an incredible tease, dismissing him as flirt!!

for some reason i noticed we kinda started to talk more and more, began to arrange to meet at nightclubs and finally got together at our fave one one night! (but not in the usual drunken state we find ourselves in every other saturday night when we go there, rahter ironic really)

Light a candle for the sinners ... set the world on fire

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rock concert
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through my sis, he is her best friend, i know, its weird, but im happy

~Don't let in a bad relationship from the past ruin your present one; go through each relationship as if it was your first~
~Don't try to teach a pig to sing, it won't happen and it will piss off the pig.~
~Until you are prepared to support an "accident" baby, don't have sex in the first place!!~

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I met my fellow, like others, on the Internet. I'm a big 'net junkie so that's no suprise
Anyhow, I happen to have a little quirky thing I love to do online - fill out personal ads. Yep, I love to do them, not so much because I was looking for someone (which I wasn't, to be frank) but because I just love having to ponder about myself to answer some of those questions.
Anyhow, I had had an ad up on FriendFinder for well over a year and had only recieved a handful of ads, mainly people who I would answer and then never hear from again.
In February, however, I got an email from a fellow by the nick of 'Astuur'. He lived in London, about an hour from my hometown and 2 hours from my college town.
We talked, off and on, till I returned home from school 4 months later. We met a week or so later and I discovered that I had seen him around before. We hit it off almost instantly.
The odd twist to this is if it hadn't been for his recent ex, this would never have occurred! She pointed him towards FriendFinder to have a look at one of her friend's posts. He couldn't find that girl so, out of boredom, he decided to scan through the ads and found mine

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Heheheh this story is like a soap opera!! lol

well it started at a dance where this guy asks for my number (let's call him Bob)! but instead of doing it himself he gets his friend to do it! (Let's call him Joe!)

So anyways me and Bob date for a while and Joe is helping us hook up and everything in the beginning.

Well turns out Bob was going after 4 girls at the same time! I was hurt beyond belief cause I really liked the guy!!

Me and Joe had been friends at the beginning but lost touch due to going to different schools and him losing ICQ.

Well after my broken little heart healed i began to think more and more about Joe! Suddenly me and Joe just kept accidentally running into each other in town!! He got his ICq back and we got talking one night and I told him the whole Bob story and he felt so bad for setting me up with such a jerk! We eventually ended up exchanging numbers and things just went from there!

"Joe" is now my prince charming! We've been together 11 months and he treats me like a princess (but not one of those whinny dependant princess... and 'independant strong' princess lol)

I dunno why i felt the need to use fake names... i just like to remain *mysterious* to all you scarleteeners *jokes*

I've never been happier!

And this is my life proof that EVERYTHING happens for a reason!

Silly Girl

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Work. I remember I was hungry, and I went to get some cookies out of the fridge, and as I came back, I offered him one. "Do want a cookie?" How romantic....
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I was walking down the hall with one of my friends and she said hi to him... I didn't know him, but I thought that he was the cutest/hottest guy I have ever seen! I did some research and found out who he was and then 2 years later we started going out... 9 months strong <3

"Do as you will, always walk where you like your steps, do as you please, I'll back you up." ~ *DMB*

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We met, believe it not, because were neighbors and hes liked me ever since i moved into the neighborhood and we both go to the same high school. Pretty cool uh? yea right u dont have to answer that...its kinda corny anywayz
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ok ok ok.... here I go.... Ok Last Augest... no last october.. no nm that... last augest yea this girl(my girlfriend now) who was a freshman at the time and i was a junior, came up to me and ask do you so and so and im like you know that name sounds so damn familar... and then like a week or 2 later she came up and asked me again and im thinking god will this annoying lil freshman leave me alone??!?!?! and i told her the same answer.....

Then about 2 months later october... while waiting after school with my friends trying to decide if we wanted to go goof around or just stay and kick it in the band room(yea im in marching band and we have a kick *** band we took GRAND sweepstakes last year in Central California) anyways... she was there also talking to here friends and she started talking to me and my friend and she was like all braggin about how she got her own phone blah blah blah and im thinkin gosh shes a spoiled lil annoying brat :-) and I said well let me have ur phone number and maybe i will call u sometime... well that night i called her and like OMG we talked from 8pm till like 1 am (because i was sooooo tired) and right then I started likeing her and didnt really know that she like me and what not...

So.... we start talking on the phone and she asked me who were the people in band that i liked and that i was thinking about and i told her and i said there was this one girl that i liked but that i couldnt tell her because i didnt want her to know...(the girl was her)so i think at that point she knew i liked her and later on i found out that she liked me and was trying to get my attention and she was like so happy that i asked her for her phone number... and so on so on... wel anyways

we were coming home from one of our marching band competitions and i was sitting with one of the other girls that i liked at the time and this girl who im going out with now who well call Lizzy was sitting across from us... and this girl i was sitting with was asleep on my like laying her head against my chest and so i stared at lizzy and the reason i wasnt sitting with her was because i didnt know she liked me yet and because she had a boyfriend...

and i just stared at her and she stared at me.. and well the next day when we were talking on the phone she was reading to me this journal that she had been writing for just the 2 of us because we were best friends at this point and she said like ".. Well here we are coming home from a band trip and warren is sitting with CASSY his GIRL.." she didnt say it like she was mad just playfully and she said ".. well he stared at me and i dont know why but i stared back and we just sat there stareing at each other..."

man this is gonna be long hehe

and so like a few days later she invited me to come over to her house for halloween and to hand out candy with her and her friend,,, so i said sure since it was a week or 2 away...


the day of halloween she asked me if i like her friend who we will call clair and i didnt want to sound like rude or anything and make her think that i hated her friend or anything like that so i said yea i like her and i didnt know then but she thought that i didnt like her anymore and that i like her friend clair...

so during band practice she was like all pissed at me and giving me all this crap and i didnt know WTF was going on... and i was supposed to go home with her that day... so we got into this big *** fight and she went storming off to class and i thought well i guess im not going to her hosue tonight for halloween and so when school was over instead of meeting her in the front of school i just stayed in the band room with my friends thinking that she went home and that i had ****ed up any chances that i had with this girl..

and so i was talking to my friend gary about what i did wrong because i still didnt know and i felt so bad... then like a angel from heaven she came in the band room so i stood up immediatly and we both knew right then that we had to talk so i asked her u wanna go out side and talk? she said ok so we went outside and she explained why she was mad at me because of me likeing her friend and i told her for the first time ever that i didnt like her friend that i liked her but that i could never say anything because she had a boyfriend and well she told me then too that she like me too...

I was like so scared at that moment because well i dunno know but i was i like total had a crush on this girl and to hear that she had a crush on me too that was like wow the greatest feeling in the world and so i went home with here and we were like best friends again that night and so on and so on...

well she ended up breaking up with her boyfriend and we got the hook up on Nov 22nd and we've been going out 8 months now and I so love this girl. on our 6 month anaversy i sent her 6 red roses and 6 poems to school so she knew how much i loved her and that she would have to carry it around at school and everyone else would know too... :-) and we went to prom and what not and we have just had little problems here and there

Well that is my story hope it was exciting... :-)

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I was in a poetry chat room and I was messing around and started flirting with him. It was kind of embarrassing actually, because I cyber kissed him and his on-line gf was there and he said I'd probably kiss back but I'm already taken by such a wonderful girl" and I about crapped my pants, I had to leave. Well, I I.M.ed him and told him I was sorry. I then left. About 2 weeks later I was invited to a chat room called Poetica X for poetry reading. He happened to be there, so we started each other and started realizing we have a lot in common. I mean I fell in love with him the first time I flirted with him. We talked for maybe 3 weeks, until one day he and I were fooling around with cyber actions and he and I kind of got caught up in the midst of cyber sex, I stopped him and said "What about your girlfriend?" he then confessed that he and the girlfriend had broken up 2 weeks ago. I was a little angry because I felt like he was trying to avoid me. He told me he loved me after we finished cybering. I was shocked. I was just like, "you don't mean that, and don't tell me you love me until you actually mean it".

I asked him out a couple of times between that and he told me he was still in love with the ex, finally about a week later he all of a sudden emailed me and told me he loved me. I reminded him about not telling me that until he actually meant it. Well, that same night we were in the Poetica X room and he read a poem, I was surprised to see that he had dedicated it to me. The poem said that he loved me and he thanked me for being such an awesome friend. I cried. It was so sweet. Then later on that night, he whispered, I love you, I looked at him and I opened my mouth to tell him again not to tell me he loved me unless he actually meant it, and he stopped me and said "Oh, I forgot, I was gonna do this last night but I forgot, will you be mine. Will you feel this gap in my heart?" I cried, omg I was in tears, I said yes. And here we are 4 months later planning on meeting face-to-face on September 20th, which is my b-day. I love him. And he loves me. I am sure of these things. Oh yeah, one last detail, WE'RE ENGAGED!

Truly Yours,

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mine is funny because I met my current boyfriend through my ex. They are "cousins" (not really realted, but their parents are close, so they refer to each other as cousins.) My ex and I got in a fight, my current boyfriend consoled me while I was upset then we just started going out.
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I don't know what I'd do without John. We were together when I was a freshman.. for 3 months. I first saw him at my freshman orientation. He was a year older, so he was showing us youngins around. I thought he was beautiful. I realized that he was in my math class.. and in band with me as well. I was able to see him a lot because of this. A few of my friends knew that I liked him. I think a few of his might have too. On our first band trip (to Atlantic City), my hat box fell apart... John was ever so conveniently standing next to me.. he picked it up, and put it back together (you know when you like someone and that seems to be a big deal). Then as we were sitting on the bus, this kid Andy said "We need to set Roach up with someone" (Roach being John's nickname.. given to him by the seniors the year before). So my lovely bestfriend Jaime said.. "I know someone who likes Roach!".. bada bing, bada boom.. we ended up together. It was a dream come true. In my mind, he was that guy that you had a mad crush on, but never thought that you would get. My first "real" relationship was with him (by "real" I mean.. the first and only person i said "I love you" to, and meant it with all my heart). On December 5th of that year, we broke up.. things became really bad between us. Basically extreme hatred on his part, but I didn't help matters. It wasn't really as much hatred as it was hurt. Thankfully this year (my junior year) we ended up in the same math class...again.. I knew I still loved him.. he's the only person I have EVER loved. So, thanks to some mysterious way.. we ended up talking.. in person, on the phone, and then finally we hung out. We kissed. The feelings were still there. It all went from there. That was January 24th, 2001. On May 31st, I broke it off... why? I have no clue. What was wrong with me?! We still acted as though we were going out.. except we never hung out after school, or talked on the phone much. I couldn't stand it, I just didn't understand myself. Then one day, he was over, and everything just fell into place, we were back together. Our relationship has been so weird. But there's no doubt in my mind that this is the last relationship that I will ever have in my life. We're planning on going to the same college (he's at a community college for this year while I finish high school). We've talked about marriage and a family, and we're both very excited about what the future holds for us.


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We met at this teen adventure program. We were out in the middle of no where with 5 other kids for 3 weeks!! When your together 24/7 stuff happens really really fast. We were kissing by day 5
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Fuse's Lil Chica
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Let's see. I was new to the school here and on my first day had just gotten kicked out of my 3rd period class (drama. And the teacher didn't even see what I could do! Grr~! Anywaz..). When I had finished at the counselor's office I ended up with PE. So I went down to the gym hoping to find someone I knew in the class. When I walked in the door I saw Frankie-Michelle who was my best friend, so I knew I'd be ok. Beside her was this major cutie, but I had only met her bf once and only for like 5 seconds, so I thought that he was her bf (they kinda look alike a little bit). So I talked to the teacher and then went and sat down with Frankie. The cutie beside introduced himself to me and I introduced myself, but I guess I was too caught up in the fact that I was just kicked out of a class to realize that his name was Michael and not Charles. But through the whole class he talked to me and made me feel better about a lot of stuff. But I found it kinda funny that Frankie's bf was spending more time with me then her. But the next day I found out that it wasn't Frankie's bf and we became best friends. He ended up asking me out 2 months later, and told me that he had had a crush on me since the first day.


Don't waste your tears on normal guys, then only one worth them will never make you cry.

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i met my last b/f through one of my best friends....the night our school had a dance i ran into my friends work to give her my halter top that she wanted to borrow...(i was gonna go to the scrimage game we had b4 the dance) and i was all dressed and ready for the dance in my cute little halter and khaki shorts....i went to the dance and my friend introduced me to some guy as her sister (cuz we look alike and everyone thinks we are the same person) anyway i didnt really pay any attention to him...could even c him in the dark...but the next day he asked my friend if she could bring me to him that night...i went ahead and agreed since i trust my friend and she told me how much he liked me and what he was we talked that night and i rode around town with him in his truck and he got my number and called me up and we started dating a couple days later then started goin out about a week or 2 later and we had a great relationship and he is the sweetest guy in the whole world!!! hes a little hottie too!!! he broke up with me a month later and i am still very very heart broke but we are like best friends now...actually we are like best friends with benefits...not sure about all that but ya know......thats how we met...

"No guy is worth your tears but when you find the one that is, he will never make you cry!"

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Well me and my b/f met at a b-ball game.. I had just recently broken up with me ex.. so I was out ready to flirt. Well, all these nasty guys were like puttin there arm around me.. but I didn't like it. So Brandon came up, put his arm around me.. and as he likes to say it, "I shut up". So the rest is history from there! 6 Months later!
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It's pretty funny how we met. We met in a college english class we were both taking at the time. But he didn't actually introduce himself to me until the last day of class. I guess that's when he got up the nerve to ask me for a date. But during the whole time taking that class, I'd notice he would keep sitting closer and closer to me every class I'd go to. The last week of the class he was practically sitting right next to me.


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my boyfriend bob and i met in eigth grade, but we never really talked to eachother.

freshman year we had lit together and sat in the back and talked and passed notes the whole time. i doubt we learned nething ( i still got an A! ) but we had fun.
he always asked me about girl problems and i asked him about boy problems. we were there for eachother, he was one of my best friends.
in the beginning of second semester, we had writing together and we were both seeing people. the girl he was with was this chick who he had been after for almost a month. i was with a junior guy, all high and mighty.
his relationship crashed and burned with the girl went back to her ex and mine ended when my way cool junior boyfriend started smoking pot. we comforting eachother and i swear there were practically fireworks in the air the day he asked me out.

im just sorry i waited so long

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My best friend was going to prom with a friend of his, and I was extremeley bored so I decided to drive him the 200 miles to get to it....Well we got there and blah blah came prom night and we went to his friends' friends' house(got that one?) This girl there(my present gf) was so stunning, I couldnt take my eyes off of her. My friend had wanted me to go to prom with her but I was too shy and when i finally met her I kicked myself for not just doin it....Anyways, I went to the grand march just for the hell of it and she convinced me to stay then we had like a sleepover that night and its all went from there
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Believe it or not..I met my guy here on the internet..He had a girl at the time..we traded god i thought to myself he is HOT! he has blue eyes light blonde hair 6'4'' and has a great body..but best of all he has the greeatest personality which makes him even hotter

But since I knew he had a girl i didnt make any moves on him...Taken Guys arent to mess around with ..I dont do things i no wouldnt want to be done to me...

And since he was taken It wouldnt be a bad idea to at least be a good friend of his..So weeks past..I was already falling for him..But i had to remember HE IS TAKEN DANGER DANGER hehe so I just kept my mouth shut...

They broke up...But I stilll wanted to keep it shut..But then like a week ago i Couldnt help it and I knew he wouldnt asked me out..well i didnt Know but i had that gut i asked him out...he said that he didnt know i felt stupid..3 days ago i told him my father was goin to take my computer away or either was gonna leave it and just take away my AIM so that talkin to ppl online

He got sadden about this..and told me in these exact words.."Jackie I love you..I love you more and more each day...Will you go out with me"...My Heart just kept pumping faster..I felt like I was going to faint..I jumoed up and down away from the comp ...kinda forgot he was waiting for an answer hehe so i went back on and said YES!

And the story goes

Cute heh?! yea well c ya guys later...

Take care..

Luv to my baby!!!!!

[This message has been edited by Qt4everNB (edited 08-11-2001).]

[This message has been edited by Qt4everNB (edited 08-11-2001).]

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Im so in luv hehe

[This message has been edited by Qt4everNB (edited 08-11-2001).]

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hey....believe it or not, we got to know each other thru a prank call...he had some friends over at his place, and called me, and we didn't know each other at all...he got my number out of the directory, and we got talking, and then he called back in a few days time, and then i called him, and we used to talk a lot....then we met after a couple of months and then he asked me out about 3 weeks later...we've been going out for 5 months now, and i just love him so's so weird how we we were meant to be together or something, corny as that sounds!


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