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» Scarleteen Boards: 2000 - 2014 (Archive) » SCARLETEEN CENTRAL » Bodies » Periods, Extreme Hormones, the Pill, Gender Confusion, and My First OB/GYN Visit

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Author Topic: Periods, Extreme Hormones, the Pill, Gender Confusion, and My First OB/GYN Visit
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I'm sixteen and have been getting my period for about 3 1/2 years, and haven't really enjoyed it. I've always bled heavily (except when I didn't), had moderate craps (except when I didn't), and got it frequently and for periods of time anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months (except when I didn't). Sensing some irregularity, there?

But yes, mine are kind of doozies just because of the iron loss (I'm borderline anemic) if nothing else. But, also, the hormones. Oh, goodness, the hormones. Ever since I started getting my periods, blood in my underwear has been equivalent to existential crisis, increased anger and sadness and hopelessness, insecurity, fear, and just plain mood swings. I know it's just my period, because when it's gone I feel muuch better about everything in my life than when I have it- in fact, one six month period where it was completely absent was one of the happiest time periods of my pubescent life. I've been dealing with these hormones for a very long time, and they are REALLY starting to screw with my brain. I haven't talked about it much with anyone because I know it's just hormones and so what I feel isn't really... me so much as my body/brain, but it's still... you know, there.

I was discussing all this with my dad earlier today, and we mentioned me going on The Pill so that perhaps I could finally have regularity, if nothing else. He also thought I should go for the "one period every three/four months" idea. He discussed this with my mom, and so now they're going to schedule a doctor's appointment for me to get birth control.

While I'm ecstatic about the idea of regular periods, and eliminating them from my life except for once every so often, I can't help but have a few questions about how all of this... works. I've never been to an OB/GYN before, and though my mom says they won't do a pelvic exam, I've read before that they might if there's odd things going on with the periods. I am completely uncomfortable with the idea of someone touching me like that. Also, will birth control even work for my problem? Is this just a symptom of something else? Is this permanently hurting me? Is it a good idea to suppress my periods? Is taking birth control bad for me, since I'm not very healthy?

All of this is further complicated by the fact that I am mentally genderqueer, and though my genitalia doesn't bother me so much, my reproductive organs do. I am not out to anyone in real life.

I'm really, really confused about all of this. Thank you for reading.

tl;dr: My periods are irregular and messing with my head; I want to go on birth control, but I'm really confused about what it'll do for me and to me.

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Sorry I'm the first one to reply to this and likely be unhelpful, but I'll give it a whack.

I'm 19 and have been getting my periods for either 6 or 7 years and, guess what, I hate them. I'm also borderline anemic as well as just being plain iron deficient because I don't eat healthy what so ever. So once a month I'd have to try and hide how bad it was so I wouldn't be taken to the hospital. I'd puke my brains out sometimes, scream and cry into pillows because of the cramps and the back pain, and go on violent moodswing rollar coasters for about a week every month.

And then I got on...the PIll. I take Loestrin24Fe, and it's....amazing. At first, it just helped with cramps (as in they didn't exist) and shorten my period. Now I don't even bleed. Sure, I can kinda tell when its happening (the little brown pills help me know too) because I feel a little crampy and hormonal. But really, its been an incredible help and I recommend them.

Now to address some of your questions to the best of my ability.

I was seriously freaked out about the OB/GYN exam too. REALLY freaked out. I was so shy and nervous and embarrassed. But it really wasn't so bad. They're very professional and understand how uncomfortable you are. All mine did was swab me real quick with a q-tip (standard STD check) and maybe poke once or twice. Th rest of the exam were just questions (sexually active? take drugs? diet? etc; ) and then a blood pressure test. It was over in about 20 minutes and I was now the proud taker of birth control. You have to go back every 6 months (atleast for Loestrin24Fe) to get rechecked real quick and get another 6 month prescription. I understand how unnerving the experience can be, but the end result is worth it.

As for working for your problems, I think it will. Atleast the pain/irregularity. It'll probably take a couple months for your body to adjust, but then your periods will be on time, short, light, and mostly pain free. [Smile] I'm not sure on the hormone thing though. I don't know if I've noticed a difference in that area. Wait for one of the more knowledgeable members to answer that one for you.

Are you asking if birth control will permanently hurt you, or your current symptoms? I don't think birth control has any ill effects unless its just not the right kind for you. I know some girls get really nauseous and some pills.

Your OB/GYN will be able to answer your questions on if birth control is healthy for you. They don't bite, so feel totally free to ask any and all questions.

I hope I was slightly, possibly, maybe a little helpful? [Razz]

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Thank you so much for reading and replying!

Wow... that sounds magical. ♦o♦ I knew they helped but I didn't know they were made of maaagic.

Okay, I'll remember that. I still can't help but be nervous, but it's better having an idea of what they'll do.

Heheee~ That much will help significantly!

I was asking if my current symptoms were- I've noticed that the severe moods persist outside of my period lately, because I haven't been getting much of a break and the hormones haven't been being flushed out.

Thank you! You were very reassuring and informative, so yes, you were very helpful ^^

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Saffron Raymie
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Period - This is expensive but:

- Drink PLENTY on water - two litres a day is the recomended amount.

- Take a Vitimin B supplement

- Take Omega 3 / Flaxseed Oil if you're vegetarian / vegan

- Vitimin E and K (separate or in multivitimin)

- Take an Iron supplement

- Lots of excercise and Rest

- Cut out Dairy! Or cut down to the very skim versions

- Cut out fizzy drinks

- Lots of herbal tea - Red Raspberry leaf, Strawberry leaf, peppermint and ginger

[Smile] These things help

'Obtain the virgin's consent before you marry her' - Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

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Thank you! I appreciate it :3 I actually do most of those things. I just need to take more vitamins, cut out the fizzy drinks and start on the tea ^^ But I appreciate it.
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For me the pill has been tremendous help and not counting my first pelvic exam which was something terrible thanks to an insensitive gyn, my pelvic exams haven't been bad at all. You can ask the gyn to talk to you and tell you what they're doing/going to do throughout the check and you can tell them you're scared/uncomfortable so they know to work accordingly. Assuming that they do a pelvic exam. (ie. the gyn who assigned me my pills didn't perform one as I hadn't been and wasn't planning on being sexually active. My pills were to stop me from bleeding into anemia, and to take the edge off of the cramps and mellow the moodswings.) But even if they do it is nothing to worry about at all, just tell them you're worried and I'm sure they will understand!

Personally for me the pill has helped greatly. My moodswings mellowed and overtime stopped entirely (I'm 22, been on my period for 11 years.), I don't bleed as heavily, I don't get bad cramps anymore and my period is always on time. Whether you can "skip" your periods is something you need to discuss with your gyn personally.

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