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Author Topic: Body Image
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You are cute. How did you get your pic on here? That was so neat!
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hey guys! wow! there is such a mix of people here!
well sadly i am at the negative end. i am not happy with my body. i constantly think of the images in mags. i know that they are airbrushed but i dont care. for some reason i wanna be "one of those girls", ya know that everyone looks at like "wow, she's beautiful". for some reason i really think that i can achieve this. since i know that my face isn't gonna change, i am focusing on my body.
i lost 10 lbs this year- i'm 5'2 (ALMOST 5'3 :O) ) and 107lbs.
i've felt like this a lot in the past year, and i (as of last week) just got out of a 2 year relationship. i don't feel an extra push to become "more beautiful", but still the ever-present need.
so yea that's my sob story....

come see my page!

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Up until recently i absolutely loved my body. Not to brag but i'm 5'8 and pretty fit. the only problem is I dont have big boobs. for some reason i have a predisposition that men only want huge ones.
my boyfriend tells me i'm perfect but i still feel inadequate due to the girls who are always in movies and on tv. it just makes me feel like crap and i want to get over this.

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I so relate to you CAITS. I used to look at pictures in magazines wanting, hoping, praying that I could look like the models I saw. I mostly wanted to have clean and clear skin. It drove me nuts. Even when you realize that the pictures are airbrushed and the girl really has bags under her eyes and a couple of pimples here and there, the fake image gets stuck your head.

What helped me was to find images that were more realistic and tp look at these people. I also listen to them speak. People can become much more "beautiful" when they speak from their heart and share their positive outlook on life. I also picked a role model for myself, Isabellea Rosselini. She is an older babe and absolutely cool.

I also think about what makes a person beautiful can not be just the superficial physical attributes which change over time. Acne can come and go and wrinkles occur because you smile.

And if you can't help but focus on the outside, the best things you can do for yourself is brush your teeth 2x day, exercise regualry (but you don't have to overdo it) and smile.

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From about the 6th grade to the 9th grade, i was sooooooo unbelievably shy..omg, i like loved guys, yet i was sooo scared to talk to them cause i hated my body, and i was VERY self concious. At the end of my 9th grade yr I realized I couldnt go on like that. Im lucky not to have bad acne, but not lucky enough to have none, i have like little heat bumps on my back and chest, but nothing noticeable (i guess one can pick out their own features that they dont really like, even when others dont notice). Im not like totally pleased w/ myslef but i dont despise my looks. im entering the 11th grade, im almost 5'5" and like 105. I have like a negative bra size (LoL..not really..haha) , but it doesnt really bother me. I have braces (that i HATE), no glasses or contacts..brown hair, brown eyes.. Overall, Im satisfied!
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Hey, I'm pretty darn proud of my body...i do a lot of crunches except for when i'm pmsing cuz then it's usless cuz i eat everything in site!...i'm about 5'6 and 130lbs but the thing is i look skinnier then a lot of girls who are a smaller size then i am....i have a pretty tight tummy and have had a lot of good comments on it i'm flat chested and theats the down side but other wise i'm very happy with my body!!
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Celtic Daisy
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Yay to the body lovers. This topic is pretty old but i seem to stumbling upon old ones a lot lately. I couldn't resist replying and bring it back up.

I do love my body. How can you not, seriously? Look what it does for you. There's always gonna be those few points only you notice and want to fine tune, but so what? I'm short, i'm chubby, i like to experiment with various looks, and i happen to think i'm a very pretty person, and that's good enough for me!

"No self-respecting woman will let a naked man in socks do the squelchy with her'-Jeff Murdock
(Coupling, BBCC)


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I am not going to lye, im not to found of my body at all or my looks itself. i am very athletic but if u looked at me you probable wouldnt think that. i am very active, i play soccer, softball, and basketball all year round and not to be conceded or nething but i am really good at all of them. i get into soccer and people miss judge me because of my size and i burn them while im with the ball, i guess thats the only good thing about me is how people miss judge me and i stuff it in there face, but thats only in sports, what am i going to do about guys?? i mean i dont think im terrible ugly, but im not skinny either, i am overweight but not obese, and it never works out for me, so i guess what im trying to say is i dont think i love myself as much as i should, but i wish i did!

~katie Frances~

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edited by me......!

Bobaroony & Erica Bearica
<3 love forever!

Monk N Bear~ Best Friends Forever! ~Luv ya babe!

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My body image? Interesting question... It's gone up and down. Lets see... Up until grade7 it was in the total crapper. In grade 8-9 it improved, then in grade 10 it sunk. So, in grade 11 I took strength training and my body image really did improve as my body improved with it... Then, I hit the next level. The first real level of bodybuilding... And it's gone back down again. Yeah, people will tell me I'm buff/defined or whatever, but it doesn't matter. For me, I need to be more cut and bulkier. I'd really like to be taller too. *sigh*
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I think my body is all right, there are a few things I could change (fe my little "love handles" around my hips). But hey we're not all perfect so try to make the best of what you have. You'll see that you feel better and people like you and have more respect for you for it.


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my body image ... is a difficult issue. i quite recent lost a -lot- of weight, and now am 5'10''or taller and about 10 1/2 stone [dunno lbs]. i don't think i'm overweight, but i want to be thinner.
it's because because i -was- fat i had the 'i'm fat' mindset and i now can't get rid of the mindset. like someone else said, i wanna be the girl people think 'wow she's beautiful'. i have great hair, which girls are jealous of and boys love. my eyes are pretty. i know i'll never be modellish, but where's the harm in trying?
i'm not overly fit but i'm trying to do something about that.
my body image is a problem cuz my boy thinks it means i have 'intimacy issues' and unfortunately i think he's right ... but we're working on that.


- you think you're the only one who's sexually frustrated?
- well come on baby , i'm ready!

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i love everything about me... lol i'm sooo modest... but really... if i find something that at first i'm like... ugh... but then i end up thinking about... how thats me... and i cant change that... and we've all got to love ourselves... or else who will?
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Cutie, that's a really great attitude. :-) Just wanted to pop in and tell you that.


Kythryne Aisling
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-- Alfred Kinsey

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It seems like most people on this board love their body. Me, on-the-other-hand, has complete issues with it...I could be shorter, skinner, smaller chested, etc. But oh when I have that moment when I look in the mirror and think "Damn I am SEXY!!!"it just hits me smack dab in the face and for a week I will be on cloud nine because of it. I don't love my body the way it is but I have accepted it. Hopefully when I am older (I'm only 17 now) I will come to better terms with it.

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BLonDi 1745
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im ok with my like 5'5 and around 130 not chubby or just muscluar. i own horses so with me working with them i have huge things and calfs(well i think i & my b/f agrue about i think the only thing id change would be my legs....but there my i guess i just have to deal with
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I'm one of those people who aren't really happy with any part of my body. Except for maybe my nose, its so cute and little. I feel like I need to change pretty much everything. I feel like my whole body to too chubby, my eyes too big, my teeth too big, acne, feet too big, and I could go on and on. I used to be overweight a couple of years ago. I was 5'7" and 215 pounds and never had a b/f and then when I lost 50lbs I had all kinds of attention from guys and I didn't really like it. Why couldn't they just look past my appearence and like me for me? I just have a really bad self-image of myself and I can't seem to get past it.
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I always had horrible self-confidence of myself. Until more recently. I lost a little bit of weight and my body became more naturally curvy, my breasts filled out and my legs toned up. I was amazed at the natural change that occurred and for once I was so excited with the reflection I saw in the mirror. Now I have more self-confidence than ever and the days I get to spend with my boyfriend are wonderful...
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Well, I'm kind of off-and-on with my body image, heh heh. I'll have those days where I'll just be thinking "wow, I look good, I must've lost weight, I have pretty eyes, blah blah blah". Then there are those days where I wake up, look in the mirror and go "God, I look like a hag, I'm so fat, etc etc". I have kinda big hips and could stand to be in better shape. I don't really exercise, its something I need to start doing again. I also have stretch marks, not a *whole* lot, but on my hips they're noticeable, the back of my thighs, and my breasts & knees. They aren't so bad on my breasts & knees, but I can't wear low-cut pants, and I don't think I'd ever wear a swimsuit, or else you'd see them. I know everyone says, "accept the stretch marks", but thats a lot easier said than done, especially when you overhear people talking sh*t about some girl because she had stretch marks showing, or your guy friends talk about how disgusting they are, not knowing that under my clothes, BAM, there they are.

*le sigh* I don't know. I'm only 17, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised I have body issues. I don't know anyone my age who doesn't. I mean, I love myself, my personality, mind, sense of humor, all that. I think I have a pretty face, and I'm good at dressing to cover my flaws, but I'm afraid to wear a lot of clothes I like because of my body. Also, I feel mentally ready for sex, but I'd be nervous for a guy to see my body. A lot of guys my age have these preconceived notions of what woman's body "should" look like, and its intimidating. I feel like I'd have to give them a run-down of what to expect beforehand, LoL. Eh, whatever.

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I have a small frame, I wear a 32A bra (shakes head sadly) and I'm about 87 pounds...but no I'm not anorexic I'm 13 and plus, I have fast metabolism. Overall I'm OK with my body but I just want a bigger chest. Lol.

I'm sweet like sugar, soft like suede, but unlike Nintendo I never get played!

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Mmmm I have self-confidence on somedays and somedays I want to go hide.

I love my eyes. I have a pretty face and a nice shape of legs that need a big of toning. My whole body could stand to be a little darker, and I wish my skin was a little clearer. I'm only an A cup, I wish I was a B.

But those are just superficial things that all teenagers go through at one point or another. Some people don't even have eyes that work, a nose that functions, or legs to walk on. Until you meet somebody less fortunate than you, you'll always be unsatisfied.

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I am fairly happy with my body it's alright people do call me skinny...I wish i was skinnier tho..i weigh about 103 and am 5' i spread out pretty well...I just wish i had bigger chest..THEY WILL COME haha eventually i am really behind maturally in my class i jus tstarted my period...I am in about a 34A now woohoo i am just going ot be happy with whatever i have
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I love my body sometimes, they are like things I do to appreciate my body sometimes, like I'll put on some nice lip gloss, a little glitter here and there, I'll do my hair nice and put on a cute outfit, and if I've recently lost a few pounds thats icing on the cake! I think it's so sad when girls hate their bodies, so I try not to stress myself over my image but its hard

=] :( :-* =[

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Gumdrop Girl
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right now, I am totally jazzed about my body. I'm working out, I'm eating better than I used to, and I'm feeling good (except for the muscle I pulled in my neck, but i digress). even my mother, who typically gives me grief for my weight, is noticing a difference.

i'm no skinny-mini thing, and i doubt i was ever meant to be one, but right now my clothes fit great and i am bounding with energy. all is good under my skin

more surly than girly...

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I absolutely loooove my body. Sure, I'm 5'0 and 118, but all the same I love it. I go to all extremes to make myself somebody beautiful and worth wile. I get piercings with sparkly earrings and wear bracelets and necklaces with sparkly little charms to show the sparkle within (I'm getting my 2nd piercing on Saturday!). I wear cute shirts that show the wonderful curves of my two breasts. And shorts and capris that make my butt stick out (I love it!), and show off my hips. OMG I just love my hips. I've had them ever since I was 11 and am proud of it. I get a manicure every once in a while, painted with mocha, chestnut, or amaretto brown (I love those browns!). I don't like make up that much cause it clogs my pores (Like I need that with the acne I have!), but I like lip-gloss and lip butters. I also have thick, wavy, untidy blonde hair. I haven't got a cut since September, but am going tomorrow. I really don't like my weight, but I don't put an effort at dieting either, and I dis-like my acne, cause I got it everywhere, but I do what I can to prevent it, and I'm done. I guess I 80% love my body, but since your only given one, mind as well love while ya can.
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I have never had any major problems with my body image, but a LOT of my friends have. I admit to reading a few girly mags left around the house by my sister (I am ashamed :0 reading those things makes me feel so...urgghhh! The crap those magazines spout is phenomenal!) So now I have a serious vendetta against people who write magazines which from the outside seem to be promoting good body image for girls, but on closer inspection just make girls' hangups worse.

I mean, on one page they tell you that you have every right to feel beautiful, that size doesn't matter, etc. So I start to feel hopeful, maybe society has woken up to the fact that more girls are getting eating disorders, but then, low and behold, on the next page there is an article on HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS. God dammit I am going to write to the people who write these f***ing magazines and give 'em a piece of my mind. I know they will probably say "well if you don't like it, don't read it" but I feel I have got to make a stand.

Sorry to rant like this, but I needed to get it off my chest!! My sister (who is 9 years old and a perfectly healthy weight) announced that she wanted to go on a diet because she thought she was 'too fat'. Now I can't blame magazines directly for feeding her this negativity, but I don't think they do girls any favours either. I know this was slightly off topic, but it's gotta be said.

As for my body image, I have days when I wish I was shorter or that my hair wasn't so thick or my eyebrows weren't so dark, but in the end I have to admit that my body does a great job of keeping my alive and healthy (which are extremely important things ) so complaining about it's outside appearance isn't justified. So take care of your bodies people! Shake your asses proudly


~Men of quality are not threatened by women's equality~

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Actually, I just weighed myself and I gained 10 pounds (How did I do that?)! Now I'm 128 pounds. God! Time to hit the tennis courts! 8)
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We can continue this thread, but we can't, from now on, post our heights and weights, that just seems to be linked with too much negativity, and that's not what we want. Got it?


. . . Just like everybody else does!

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Blue Roses
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I'm currently really happy with my body the past year I've gotten in much better shape than I've ever been in before, and while I've gained some weight, it's been in muscle :-) I'm 5'5", and wished I was taller for quite sometime, but now that most of my friends are not over 6', like was the case in high school, I'm happy with how tall I am. The only downside to getting in better shape is that now that I posess actual functional leg muscles, my pants don't fit anymore. meh. I've always quite liked my face, except for the acne which seems to be finally dying down somewhat, and that my hair is in that annoying in-between stage of growing it out. It's also a severely bizzare color, being blonde for most of the length, with patches of washed-out red, and dark roots. This will be rectified with hair dye as soon as I can manage it. :-b
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Well, im 15, am **Hey, did you read what I said? Don't post that sort of thing here, please. And DO take care in your spelling; there's no reason to use bizarre spellings when the REAL word is only one letter apart, and makes so much more sense. **. i dont have the worst body image in the world, but im not the happiest i could be with my body. sometimes i think my mother has a worse image of my body than i do...shes always buying fatfree food just for me, leaves articles and stuff about losing weight and obese teenagers, sometimes its not the things she says but the things she DOESN'T say.

sometimes i look in the mirror and feel unattractive, i try to look on the bright side and think to myself that my friends love me for who i am. but i've never had a boyfriend or anything lyke that, so i often think because of that that the reason is that all the guys go for all the skinny good looking girls, and most do i think. so i've convinced myself that i'll have to rely on personality and not looks to get a guy, but i dunno. a lot of girls in this post mentioned how their boyfriends loved their bodies for who they were. i only hope i could find a guy lyke that...but now im not so sure.

i try to lyke the way i am, but sometimes no matter how much you try at something, its hopeless. so at best, i just try not to think much about my body at all. but then again, theres always that big mirror in the bathroom welcoming comments about your reflection....heh.

People are lyke oreos--the best part is on the inside.-Lora

Live life to the fullest, don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful, and don't take shiitake mushrooms from anybody.

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Well for the past while (well pretty much my whole life) I've been pretty negative about my body and was very self conscious about myself, but last night I was standing in front of my mirror and I actually realized how much I actually do love my body, I'm not fat, but I'm not skinny, and I'm tall and such, and I just feel that I have a very unique body, and I'm so glad that I have finally accepted myself for who I am.

The only thing that I would kinda want to change about my body is my stretch marks! I have them everywhere, my bum, my breasts, my thighs.. everywhere! But they don't bother me too much because I know almost everyone has them somewhere or another, so it doesn't bother me as much anymore

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For the most part I am aware of all that my body does for me and I am grateful and treat it as best I can (other than the beating it took all those years before highschool playing at least four sports a year). I think I am the perfect height for a guy, 6'2" (I am biased of course). For the most part my body image is very favorable, except for two constant irritants.

I am actually at my target weight and I have a low fat percentage but that does not stop people from seeing that I am tall telling me I am skinny every second of the day. Telling someone they are skinny in a neagtive way is very acceptable in our culture unfotunately. It does not help that I regularly lift weights and see very very slow improvement (4 pounds of muscle in four months). Its a mild irritant, however unfortunate I do think about it, but I dont let it get me down and it has pushed me into the gym which feels really great.

My real pet peeve about my body though is body hair! Specificaly my legs, I dont mind it on my chest or forearms and I have none om my back but man, whenever I look at my legs its like my genes have turned traitor. I have to admit that occasionaly I wear pants to cover up my legs, even if its broiling outside. I usually try to look at the positive, but these leg hairs are proving elusive, the darn things don't even keep me warm!

I am just waiting for the magazines to proclaim that slender hairy guys are sexy. In the meantime I plan to not let it bother me.

Just my two pennies for the day.

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I personally do love my body, even if i did have flaws... I do feel that i am beautiful equally on the outside, and on the inside. My body's natural; i've never had anything done surgically changed to my body. I don't believe in that. I'd rather grow with the natural changes rather than just wanting to be so perfect with all the latest body technology! Just my two cents


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**See above**. I'm not really sure if that is a healthy weight for my hight. I am so insecure about my body! Its sad. All my friends are skinny and I can't help but compare myself to them.

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