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Spotlight on Scarleteen: Be Prepared, not Scared!

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Submitted by Lena on Sun, 2009-04-12 22:03

Soup’s on!

Head chef at Scarleteen Heather Corinna has cooked up yet another tasty new article for you: Chicken Soup for the Pregnancy Symptom Freakout's Soul.

  • The Soup de jour: If you want to just dig in right away, please click here.
  • Hors d'oeuvres If you’d prefer more to hear a partial list of ingredients before ordering, please read below.
The Recipe for Distress:

Who: You (or your girlfriend or your best friend or your sister or that random woman over there...)

What: Are concerned / worried / scared / convinced and freaked out that you might be pregnant.

Where: The fear can strike anywhere: In the school cafeteria, on the bus ride home, at a friend’s sleepover, during softball practice, etc.

When: Anytime after having some sort of sexual activity.

Why: You used some form of reliable birth control properly but you just have a hunch you could/should/would be pregnant.

How: You notice one or more of these contraception for you? Play Birth Control Bingo and find out!

  • "Where do babies come from?":
  • Safer Sex is sexy:
  • Wanna hear more first-person accounts of being pregnant or a young parent or having an abortion?

    Wanna hear about other people’s experiences with pregnancy scares?

    • Click here and here for a whole list of pregnancy risk and fear questions, because you’re certainly not alone! (Thanks to Scarleteen’s snazzy tag function.)

    Wanna see how your interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships can affect how you’re feeling about sex (e.g. reasons why you might be freaking out more than “necessary” about this?)

    Wanna get your mind off pregnancy altogether with some random-but-related empowerment?


    What is Spotlight on Scarleteen? Find out more by clicking here.

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