Vote for Sex Ed Vids: For Teens, By Teens

Like watching video clips online? The cleverer, the catchier, the crazier the better? What about quality vids about things you truly care about, for you and by you? Look no further than the FreshFocus video contest sponsored by RH Reality Check, in partnership with Isis, Inc., Advocates for Youth, SIECUS, and the National Sexuality Resource Center!

They asked young people between the ages of 15 and 30 to channel their creativity, show their smarts, and offer their opinion on sex ed in the US, be it what they know and loathe–– or what they are dying for and would love.

How about some fun online entertainment and an inviting chance to polish your movie critic skills right now! WATCH the videos and VOTE on your favorites by clicking here. Voting goes until January 16, and winners will be announced January 22. For more information, please check out this link, the RH Reality Check blog. Now if only they'd show one of these videos in your 5th period sex education class tomorrow...


Here's an update on the Fresh Focus Video Contest: Click here to see the winners and their winning videos!

hi my name is jazz wiley and im 13 years old. i think that this wed site sould have an part where they can talk to someone online. for some fact or a little help

Dear Wiley,

We do, in fact, have a part of the website where users can talk to volunteers and other users for help or advice or just chat about sex ed or sexuality issues. :) If you haven't come across the message boards yet and are still around, please check this link out:

At the Scarleteen message boards, you can "lurk," first reading others' posts and seeing topics or just jump right in with a question. The registration systems for the main site (right here– where the articles, blog, etc. are) and the message boards (the link I listed above) are run on different systems, so you'll need to register there, too.

Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you participate at the message boards!


Of course I knew how stuff worked; the penis goes in the vagina, etc. But if I'd known of resources like this before I started having sex, it would have been a lot better. I know that some things belong in the home, some in pornos - but where are we supposed to learn the rest? I was never talked to about masturbation or the nuvaring - and look at me now - I learned the hard way.

what you think of casual sex?


sex movie

I am 20 years old and just wanted to get my peers info on STD testing. When do you think is the best time to go get tested? Have you gotten tested? Is it scary, does it hurt? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks

Hi hawkeye, welcome to Scarleteen!

I'm glad to hear that you are helping your peers get info on STI testing. (I'm using the more inclusive, current term STI which means "sexually transmitted infections", just so you know. ;-)

We have an article on this very topic:

You can read up on more testing and STI stuff in this section:

We're glad to answer your questions here but you will probably find our more-interactive message boards to yield faster and more interactive results:

When is the best time to get tested?
Right now! I say the best time to go is when you're feeling ready to go and when the testing place is open. You can go alone or with a friend or partner for support; heck, you and your friends could even go together! Some STIs take awhile to show up (ex. the HIV rapid test results can be used accurately 3 months after a possible risk) whereas other ones you want to go right in to have checked out (ex. if you see any weird discharge or an active sore.)

Where do you live? You can always talk to your GP or, if you're female, your gynecologist about getting tested. In the US, you could go to your local health department or a place like Planned Parenthood for free or low-cost testing. In a place like Canada or the UK, public health care pretty much already covers those costs and you can inquire where to go. There are a number of non-profits/NGOs all over that offer free testing, educational materials, kind and personalized advice, not to mention bags of free safer sex swag. We recommend people get tested regularly; this could mean going in every six months to a year for a regularly scheduled appointment or even more often if you're changing/have multiple partners or were in "higher risk" scenarios such as a condom breaking during sex.

Have you gotten tested? Is it scary, does it hurt?
I have gotten tested; I regularly get tested. I most recently got an HIV test (negative!) that didn't hurt at all (I just rubbed the swab around the inside of my cheek.) It really doesn't hurt more than a pinprick, at that, for most tests. To add experience from a male perspective, my boyfriend has also been tested for STIs and he said it didn't hurt. (The myths about painful testing techniques for men just aren't true! Plus, when you consider what you get for a few minutes of testing: Peace of mind that can help you and your partner/s relax and enjoy sex even more!)

Again, good luck with this. Please let me know if you or your friends have any more questions. And please do take a peek at the message board link above. :-)