Film Review: Juno

Based on various internet reviews and commentary, I had expected the film Juno to be a touchingly light, introspective teen comedy in the same vein as Napoleon Dynamite or Ghost World; however, I had not expected it to be so sad and feel so personal. Sure, it starts with a lot of laughs, but a tinge of desolation soon sets in and it really gets to you by the end of the film.

Juno tells the story of a quirky sixteen year-old girl (named after the Roman goddess, not the Alaskan city) living in a Midwestern suburb and how she deals with an unplanned pregnancy. Considering U.S. teen pregnancy rates are up for the first time since 1992, this topic is timely.

Despite her upbeat eccentricity, a relatively supportive family, and the almost fairy tale-like-fuzzy adoption scenario, these things do not protect Juno from feeling what appears to be very isolated and lonely. I would have liked to see her boy friend-cum-boyfriend Paulie, 50% responsible for the pregnancy, step up to the plate more. I felt the abortion clinic scene, something that has warranted various reactions by critics, wasn't very accurately or fairly represented. I would like to be able to look into the future, watch a fictional “where are they now?” to seeh how the rather neutral “happy” ending really works out. Interestingly, with the film being marketed as a teen fun teen flick, I was surprised to see the audience of this particular showing to have just as many– if not more– solo parents and groups of grandparents than young adults in the audience.

I would recommend the film to others, although it may be hard to find in non-urban areas. I would appreciate hearing others’ feedback, especially from those once or currently in similar situations, as well as watch the movie a second time before making my final verdict.


i loved it =)

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought it touched on teen pregnancy in a way that hadn't been done before. I have to say that I did not find the film to have a sad tone. I found it suprisingly upbeat considering Juno's circumstance. The film didn't really highlight the panic I believe most 16-year-old girls would feel in that situation. But, I think that's OK because this is a film and it was made to entertain. As for Bleeker (Juno's best friend/boyfriend by the end of the film/baby's father), his lack of involvement was due to Juno's "I don't need you attitude." He said toward the end of the movie that she was the one who pushed him away and broke his heart.

Overall, I thought the acting was top-notch and that the film was heart-warming.

I went to see this with a group of friends last night for my friend's birthday.

It's pretty much a movie you'll either love or hate, seeing as though half the group thought it was great, while the other half felt like walking out during it.

I thought it was EXTREMELY good since I felt I could connect with Juno personality wise (I about pounced a lady behind me because she called Juno a "fruit-loop"). The soundtrack to the movie was pretty good too, unless if you're not into Sonic Youth or the indie music genre (which is one of the reasons my friends didn't like it).

This is, by far, probably one of the best date movies out there in my opinion. Yes, it is about a 16 year old girl having an unexpected pregnancy, but it also gives you something to talk to your lover about (especially if you're still a virgin). :)

I give it 4.5 stars/5 stars. :D

If Juno has made it to where I live (north Idaho), anyone in the country should have access to it. I saw it this weekend and enjoyed it, and really liked seeing a movie where teen pregnancy wasn't portrayed as punishment for promiscuity.

wow it was an amazing movie and all teens need to see as i am one of those teens who thought when you have sex nothing bad can happen

Thanks to everyone who has shared his or her thoughts on the movie; you all brought up excellent points! I'm glad you felt the film was worth watching, as well as provided a good chance to reflect on the topic, either personally or with friends. :)

I saw it with a few friends last week, and I neither loved nor hated it. It was fun, and I liked the character Juno; she was cute and quirky. The music suited the movie perfectly, too. But the plot didn't seem at all realistic. Juno seemed far too sure of herself for a teenage girl, and she handled the entire pregnancy situation suspiciously well. The movie just didn't really satisfy me - I had high hopes for it, and while it was good and I liked it, I left feeling slightly disappointed.

I went with a bunch of girls, my friends, but our dates didnt seem to enjoy the movies as much as we did. If fact, they wouldnt shutup during the movie, and afterwards, they said it sucked. I really just felt as if they didnt like the point the movie made.. But overally, great movie. :)