Elections Results

By now we all know that Obama is the president-elect, but what about all those other issues that were up for decision? Heather put together a guide to the ballot measures particularly relevant to Scarleteen and our mission and I thought I'd post the results.

Proposition 102: Approved

Arizona now defines marriage only as the union of one man and one woman.

Proposed Initiative Act 1: Approved

It is now illegal for unmarried couples, of any gender, to adopt or foster children.

Proposition 4: Defeated

Teens retained the right to obtain an abortion without parental notification.
Proposition 8: Approved
Voters decided that marriage in California should be limited to heterosexual couples.

Amendment 46: Too close to call

At this time it is unclear whether the Colorado government will be continuing affirmative action or not. I will update this as the final votes are tallied.
Amendment 48: Defeated
With only 27% of the vote this measure calling for personhood to begin at fertilization was resoundingly defeated.
Amendment 51: Defeated
Colorado voters chose not to increase the state sales tax. The increase would have funded assistance for people living with developmental disabilities.

HJ 21: Approved

Seventeen year old voters who will be eighteen by the time of the general election may now vote in its primary election.

Amendment 2: Approved

Florida added a constitutional amendment to its two existing statutes banning gay marriage.
Amendment 8: Defeated
Voters chose not to supplement community college funding.

Proposal 08-2: Approved

Michigan loosened its restrictions on stem-cell research.

I-155: Approved

Montana will expand health coverage for uninsured children.

Initiative 424: Approved

Affirmative action will no longer be a factor in the practices of the Nebraska government.

Measure 58: Defeated

Oregon will retain its current, more flexible programs to serve ESL students.

Amendment 1: Approved

The age of consent in South Carolina is now 16 for both men and women.

Initiated Measure 11: Defeated

Abortion remains legal in South Dakota.

Are there any ballot measures you found particularly relevant that didn't make this list? Any thoughts on the results? Talk it over on the message board.