Calling All Drupal Dorks! (We have a job opening. Maybe you want it.)

Do you have a love/hate relationship with Drupal? Do you understand how to make it sing, and when to let it do its thing?

We're looking for a Drupal geek who can help us look after our site and develop or hack new things from time to time.

You'll be familiar with the Drupal admin area, and know how to manage configuration, users, and content, you'll also be familiar with the major Drupal contrib modules, like Views. You'll also be comfortable with Drupal's theming system and have a solid grounding in PHP, HTML, and CSS. We're not expecting you to write custom modules - though that level of skill would sure be great! - but knowing how to get your hands dirty with code will be very useful. We don't mean to intimidate, but we're one of the largest sites using Drupal, so it can be a bit challenging.

You'll also understand the Web, and what a powerful, empowering force for change it can be. After all, we are actually changing the world here.

Most of all, you'll have a deep and abiding respect and care for Scarleteen and all that we do here.  All of us, whatever our roles, are very dedicated to Scarleteen and all it does. We know that when our staff and volunteers are passionate about Scarleteen, about sex ed, and about the unique ways we've long been providing it, we wind up with the best fits all around. Also, even though the working conditions are generally amazing, and this is, we think, a killer team and a fantastic work environment, the pay isn't that great (it isn't for any of us, myself included, if that helps). So being in love with us is probably required for you to even want to seek out and stick with a job here.

We're looking for someone with all that and a bag of chips to work with us as an independent contractor very part-time - around 5 hours a week, sometimes less - who can also occasionally work more hours when we have a big project or when something major goes kablooie. Offered pay for this position is $30USD an hour, and unless you are in the Seattle/Vashon area, your work can/will all be done remotely. We are an equal opportunity employer, and also are always willing and ready to help make or keep our workplace very widely accessible, including for those with disabilities.

For more about us, you can check out:

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to: hDOTcorinnaATscarleteenDOTcom. Thank you!