Where can you get quality safer sex supplies? Right here at Scarleteen!

Want high quality condoms, lubricants and other safer sex supplies? You can now find them right here at Scarleteen, in partnership with the awesome folks at Lucky Bloke!

You can take a look at our brand-spanking new, one-stop safer sex shop on the site here, or follow the link in the bottom section of every page on the site.

We've used what we know from working directly with our users to compile and create some hand-picked sample packs just for you: a pack for those who don't know what kind of fit they or their partners like best, a latex-free pack, a pack with extras for a whole night out, a pack of nothing but a wide array of great lubes and more!

We've built the whole works so that it feels seamless: you go to the shop while already here at Scarleteen, and check it all out. When you find what you want, just add it to your cart, whether that's one pack, two or more. You'll be taken to a processing page that says Lucky Bloke up top. Once you finish and make an order, they'll quickly ship your goodies, in packaging that doesn't tell what's inside (I did an order myself last week to make sure this all worked, and even had no idea myself what the package was when it came). All orders are shipped -- to anywhere in the world where you live -- at a low, flat rate of $2.99 (US). And if you order any of these samplers and aren't feeling impressed, Lucky Bloke will refund your money with no hassles or headaches.

But wait, there's more! On top of providing you with some of the best safer sex supplies out there, Lucky Bloke also gives Scarleteen a whopping 40% of every purchase this way, helping us to pay for all the things all we do as an organization, both online and off.

That means you get what you want and need and help to support progressive sex and sexuality education at one of the most extensive and pioneering sexuality education services online and off. And if you've never tried high quality condoms and other safer sex supplies before, you're in for a real treat.

We hope you like this and are as excited about it as we are. Here's to finding condoms and other safer sex supplies you love the most, right where you're getting sex education and sexuality and relationships support!