Glyde Condoms Supports Scarleteen!

glyde condomsWe've got two new budding partnerships with condom distributors and resellers we're really excited about.

While ultimately, we would prefer Scarleteen be a place where there is no advertising, having a little bit, from carefully chosen companies or organizations, is one of the things that can help keep us financially supported. And in this case, we are delighted to be doing advertising with ethical companies who produce or sell things most of our readers very much need now, or will need soon: condoms and other barriers that can help prevent sexually transmitted infections and diseases and unwanted pregnancies, and help free up some worries so everyone can feel more relaxed in their sexual lives. We're proud to be working with these companies, and could not be more glad to have ways to direct our users not only to barriers, but to great barriers, made well, that protect their health and also support them in finding pleasure in their sexual lives.

Today we want to introduce you to one of these new partners, GLYDE condoms!

The world’s only ethical, vegan and fair trade condom, certified by the Vegan Society and Ethiquette, the GLYDE brand has an extensive history of giving back by supporting the critical efforts of sexual health education providers like Scarleteen who take a straightforward and honest approach to real world sex.

Woman-owned and operated, GLYDE and their North American distributor, GLYDE America, are devoted to advancing a more natural approach to sexual wellness with eco-friendly, body-friendly condoms and sheer dams that compliment the safer sex experience. This is particularly important for the women consumers who purchase close to the 40% of condoms sold and demand high quality products that are comfortable, safe and reliable.

In response to the lack of attention paid to making oral/vaginal sex safer, in 1993 GLYDE developed the first Sheer GLYDE Dam approved by the FDA as a protective barrier method for oral/vaginal and oral/anal sex. They're mavericks, just like us: fistpumps for everyone!

Made with a formula of sustainable natural rubber latex and thistle extract, GLYDE condoms come in three tailored sizes and feel extra silky for both partners. GLYDE’s flavored condoms (super tasty strawberry, black licorice, blueberry, vanilla and wildberry) are made with organic extracts rather than artificial flavors; without chemicals or sugars.

To celebrate our new partnership, you can receive 10% off your first order at using coupon code: safesex (valid through June 30, 2014).

Anytime you click through on one of the banners on the left side of any of our pages (like this one) for Glyde and order condoms, dams or lube? A mighty 40% of your order will benefit Scarleteen directly. Everytime, anytime.

So, you can now get fantastic barriers for yourself and support accessible, inclusive and relevant sex education for young people around the world. Nothing not to love about that!

As people who've worked hard to run and maintain an ethical business ourselves, who strongly support safe products made so that we and others can better enjoy our sexual lives, and with many of our staff and volunteers are vegan and vegetarian, no less? We are mighty excited about this.

The fact that GLYDE condoms and dams are also all-out excellent products -- even if you could give a whoop about them being vegan, or your barriers being made and sold ethically -- we feel confident can help many of our users have great experiences with barriers right from the start is more icing on the cake.