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Unread postby xkooniskx » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:55 pm

Kinda TMI) Usually i always do it with a pillow, but ive found out a way to finally do it without it. but i always seem to have almost clear liquid on my fingers instead of just that "white stuff". Ive heard of female ejaculation and i seem to keep reading how this is almost like squirting and just pee. Is it really only pee every single time?? What about (this is far into the future but), persay intercourse, what if i end up not being able to do it still and only have the "pee" or clear looking stuff come out?

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Re: Masturbation??

Unread postby Jacob » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:08 am

Hi Xkooniskx!

Are you talking about liquid that comes out suddenly when you orgasm or liquid that appears gradually as you get aroused?

I think there's a difference between what people mean when they say 'ejaculate' and the vaginal fluids it sounds like you're describing. Vaginal fluid during arousal can be clear and slippery, maybe sticky, or slightly milky too. It not going to be the same for everyone but it is a response to increased blood flow to your genitals and can act like a natural lube. A bit like how your mouth waters when we eat!

When people talk about folks with vaginas 'ejaculating' when they orgasm (or independent from orgasm) that can often contain pee because it seems to come from the urethra, it probably comes from glands in that area... but from what I can tell the research isn't completely clear... (even if the liquid can be clear).

This could be a good read for you Squirt: On Ejaculation. We explore a bunch of these issues there!
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