Strange Tase In Porn

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Strange Tase In Porn

Unread postby w_s02 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:22 pm

Hi, I'm a 16 year old guy and I live in a very conservative household. I took up masturbation at a pretty young age - somewhere around five to six years old. When I got my first laptop my dad put heavy restrictions on the PC that didn't stay there for long, and I didn't even think about accessing pornography. I was about 11 when I really started to develop sexual urges, and I still so vividly remember my dad telling me there would be serious consequences if I tried accessing pornography. So I never really did, and I was afraid and uncomfortable with accessing porn. Not long after, I came across yiff, aka furry porn (cartoon animal porn) and I just didn't feel the same discomfort I had felt with live action porn of women. So, I pretty much avoided all live action porn, and just continued to take pleasure in these lewd drawings of anthropomorphic animals. I learned about the word "furry" when I was 13 and that it extended far beyond pornography. Furries are fans, just like fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, or anime, and often time there is a sexual component to each fandom. So I quickly became involved with this fandom, and actually found out that I was not the only person at my school who had involvement in this fandom. I met this girl, who became my best friend and she introduced me to more and more people in this fandom, including my current girlfriend. She, and this friend of mine are both well aware of my strong sexual attraction to anthro animals, and they feel the same exact way I do. In fact, my girlfriend's mother is actually openly into hentai (anime porn) and I've become very close with her parents, and feel even more comfortable discussing this matter with them than I do with my own parents. To this day, live action porn of real women makes me uncomfortable, but I feel a very strong attraction toward furry girls. I'm not at all attracted to actual animals, in fact even if real, live furries did exist in our society, I do not think I would be attracted to them; that being said I also do not have any sexual interest in children's cartoons. Furry porn is drawn to be sexy. It's not too cartoony, but it's also not too realistic. The Japanese style used in anime is really the closest example I have to what I consider attractive. I consider myself to be a productive person, I'm in pretty good physical shape, I'm an honor student, and I work over the summers. That being said I am not at all concerned about my consumption of furry porn, I just wonder why? How does this happen to people like me? I know it's a very odd taste, and I'm just very curious about why, and how this happens.

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Re: Strange Tase In Porn

Unread postby al » Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:10 pm

Hi there w_s02,

We can't really say for sure why people are attracted to certain sexual things. It's probably a combination of our upbringing, our social environments, the people that we meet, and what we're exposed to in real life and online. Like you said, you were exposed to certain types of sexual content, and connected with other people about it, so that may have contributed to your interest.
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