HS girls, help me, I'm regretting it now!

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HS girls, help me, I'm regretting it now!

Unread postby Chaz16 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:58 am

My best friend and me have been players with a lot of girls. Neither of us had gotten slapped before, and had bragged it could never happen to us. I made sure girls didn't try on me because I went around bragging I take karate and am good at it, so they'd think I'd block or duck their slap if they tried. Well on Fri, My best friend had this really cute blonde chick who's a junior that he'd been playing, come up to him. I was standing like 10 feet away. She tilts her head, flirty smile and he goes Oooo..and freezes. Then she's all whoooop!-and out flipped her RIGHT hand slap to the outside and just hung there! I was like SHOCKED because of the speed of her right hand and how her slap just hung there! He got slapped HARD, his face turned! She looked over at me and was smirking and then after it, in the bathroom, he was touching his cheek where her whole right hand and fingerprints were on his cheek and was whining, like, "aww oowwww!" Now I'm WORRIED! See, My stories about karate were fake, I don't know anything! Ugggh! I just made it up! That blonde is 1 of the girls I bragged to about it, and I DON'T wanna end up like him! What do I do now?

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Re: HS girls, help me, I'm regretting it now!

Unread postby Heather » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:02 am

I'm not getting why you keep addressing your posts to high school girls, Chaz, and I'm also feeling a little confused by this post and your previous. This post has segments of the other one in it sliced in to the letter, like you're telling the same story different ways.

I'm not sure I understand what this is all about, particularly combined with your previous post: can you clue me in? No matter what, we never think there's anything cute or funny about physical assault, whatever the circumstances, as you know from the last post you made.
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