Attention: Teen Moms and Teen Moms to Be!

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My name is Kristen Berube and I am a graduate student. As part of a Master's program, I am conducting online research aimed at understanding some of the unique strengths and coping skills of pregnant and parenting teen mothers.

This topic is important to me because I was a teen mother myself, I had my daughter when I was 17, and I think it important to learn more about attitudes or characteristics that might help teen moms as they strive for success.

I would like to tell you so much more about all of the things I have learned, and tips for succeeding in school, financially, emotionally and how to empower yourself, but unfortunately, that will have to wait until after the results of this survey have been collected (I wouldn't want to influence your answers). This is my last step before I graduate, and before I launch my career empowering teen moms I need your help in my final stretch! After the results are in, I will share them with all of you!

If you are:

  • Between the ages of 16-20 living in Canada or the USA
  • AND Currently pregnant and planning on parenting your child
  • OR Currently parenting a child of your own
  • Please sign up for the Online Research Study/ Prize Draw by going to

Not a teen mom or teen mom-to-be yourself? If you know anyone who is, it'd be great if you could pass this along to them.

THANK YOU for your help!