In Your Own Words: How To Speak Up!

Want to speak your mind? Share your unique perspective for readers at Scarleteen? Make sure that real teen and young adult voices get heard? See your name in lights (okay, pixels, but still)?

We'd love to consider your first-person piece for In Your Own Words, and here's how to make that happen:

What we're looking for are first-person narratives. In other words, pieces about YOUR personal experiences in any or all of the following arenas:

Pieces should be written well, with care for grammar, spelling and style. Pieces MUST be written BY you, and anyone else's work in your pieces needs to fall under fair use, and be credited properly if directly cited. Do be mindful of your own safety and privacy, and do not include personally identifying information in a piece carelessly, such as your full legal name (or those of others), the name of your city or school, or any addresses.

We reserve permission to edit pieces so that others can read them well, and may also edit any misinformation, such as a claim pregnancy or an STI can happen in a way it cannot. We do always show users edits we have made before publishing, though, so be sure your account here is connected to your current email. If we accept a piece, you retain copyright to it, but will, in submitting, be permitting us to have full use of the piece for use and display at

Ready to submit a piece?

1. Register to be a user of the main site here via the registration screen in the lower left-hand sidebar. Once you're registered, log in, and create a basic profile and basic biography.

2. When you're logged in, in that same left-hand sidebar, you'll see a box of options with your name/handle on it. Click "create content" and choose "In Your Own Words."

3. Insert your title, choose "words" for the section, then put your piece in the body field. If you want to be credited with a specific name or pseudonym, include that name in the body of the piece. You can then preview your piece or submit it. Once submitted, your piece will go into a queue for review, and if accepted, will be added to In Your own Words at Scarleteen.

We do not promise to publish any articles submitted, nor to publish within a given time period. Pieces submitted which are so careless in regard to grammar and spelling will likely not be considered at all, so do take care, and submit work of at least the quality you'd have in a school paper. We also will not publish any work which stands counter to our general guidelines and user policies at Scarleteen.

We're looking forward to reading you!

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