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What's Inside S.E.X.?

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Have a look inside S.E.X.: the in-depth and inclusive young adult sexuality guide by Scarleteen founder and editor!

S.E.X. Table of Contents & Online Samples

• Dedication
• Acknowledgments
• Foreword: by Anne Semans, author, The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex
• Author bio/about
• Who’s This Book For, Anyway? An Introduction for Parents, Teachers, and Other Teen Mentors, Guardians and Allies)

I Pledge Allegiance....To Myself, and the United State of my Sexuality

  • Introduction for Readers

Your Body: An Owner’s Manual

    • What is “Sexuality?”
    • Let's Talk About Sex
    • Mega Metamorphosis: Puberty
    • What’s Up Down There?

  • Female Sexual Anatomy: From the Outside In, Clit Lit, Life on the Inside, Honorably Discharged, The Fertility Cycle. Period., Menses Management, Breast Basics
  • Male Sexual Anatomy: From the Outside In, Life on the Inside, Get the Ball Rolling, The Ejaculation Situation, Blue Balls
  • Too loose/ too tight! Too long/Too short! Too large/too small!
    (Or, What Goldilocks and The Three Bears Have to Do with Your Genitals)

The Problem with Perfect: Body Image (Or, why appearance isn’t all it appears)

  • Start a Revolution: Love Your Body!
  • 10 Bodacious Ways To Boost Body Image
  • Disordered Eating & Eating Disorders
  • The Ideal Spiel
  • Whole Body/Whole Sexy
  • Viva la Revolucion!

All By Myself

Mutitple Choice: Gender, Orientation & Sexual Identity

On Board the Relationship

  • re·la·tion·ship (verb)
  • Relationship Models: What Works for You?
  • Whee! NRE: New Relationship Energy
  • Dating: Different, Not a Dinosaur
  • Internet Dating
  • Without a Map: Alternative Relationships: GLB Relationships, Across the Lines, Age-disparate relationships, FWBs and Hookups, Polyamory and Open Relationships
  • Those Three Little Words
  • The Test of Time: Long-term Relationships
  • Dysfunction Junction: The Crummy Stuff
  • Adventures in Splitsville: Breakups and How to Deal
  • “Just” Friends?

To Be, or Not To Be... Sexually Active

  • What’s “It” All About?
  • The Sexual Readiness Checklist
  • Great Sexpectations
  • No Harm, No Foul: Limits and Boundaries
  • Intimacy: Bonding Basics
  • Virginity: Past and Present
  • Be a Blabbermouth! Communicating with Partners about Sex
  • The Top Ten Truly Crappy Reasons to Have (any sort of) Sex With Someone Else
  • Body of Evidence: Legal Issues in Your Sex Life

Popular Mechanics: The Ins and Outs of Partnered Sex

Safe and Sound: Safer Sex for your Body, Heart and Mind

  • Taking Care Down There: Sexual Healthcare
  • Your Business. Their Business: Healthcare Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Gynecology for Beginners
  • Urinary Tract, Bacterial and Yeast Infections
  • Male Sexual Healthcare
  • DIY Sexual Healthcare: Check Yourself Out!
  • Sexual Healthcare Discrimination: Road Blocks to Good Health
  • Safer Sex 101
  • Risk Assessment
  • Practicing Safer Sex: A Lesson in Three Parts: Testing, Barriers & Lifestyle
  • Easy Ways to Incorporate Safer Sex into Your Sex Life
  • “Don’t you trust me?”
  • What if your partner won’t practice safer sex?
  • What if you DO get an STI?
  • Top Ten STI Myths
  • Safer Sex for the Heart: Emotional Safety

Hidden Wounds: Abuse & Rape





  • Breaking the Cycle
  • Protecting Yourself from Abusive Partners and Relationships
  • Protecting Yourself from Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Sleeping with the Enemy: Sexual Abuse from Partners
  • If You Have Been Raped

To Be or Not To Be... Pregnant: Contraception

  • Why Use Birth Control?
  • No Birds, No Bees, No Bull: How Human Reproduction Really Happens
  • Pregnancy Risk Assessment
  • The Contraception Connection: Birth Control Options
  • Abstinence
  • Barrier Methods: Male & female condoms, Diaphragms, Cervical Caps, the Lea Shield, Contraceptive Sponge
  • Hormonal Methods: The Pill, The Ring, The Patch, Lunelle (monthly injection), Depo-provera (quarterly injection), Implanon (implant), Emergency Contraception
  • Methods Not Usually Advised for Teens or Young Adults: Natural Family Planning, IUDs, Male & Female Sterilization
  • Methods That Suck (or Just Really Shouldn’t Be Called Birth Control)
  • It Doesn’t Take a Village...but sometimes it’s awfully nice to have one: Birth Control Discussion with Partners and Parents
  • Hey, Boyfriend! Male Reproductive Options

Oh, Baby! Conception, Pregnancy and Pregnancy Options

How to Change the World (Without Even Getting Out of Bed)

Cheat Sheets

Want a copy for yourself, or to see some reviews of the book? Click here!

written 23 Jul 2007 . updated 04 Dec 2012

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