Risk from dry sex?

My boyfriend and I were making out, and he got on top of me. He began humping, but we were fully clothed. I had on jeans and underwear, and he had pajama pants and boxers on. I'm not sure if he ejaculated or not, but if he did, should I be worried about pregnancy occurring? Is it possible for sperm to get through that much clothing?
Sarah replies:

Unless his sperm came equipped with flame throwers and chain saws, it's pretty much impossible that it could make it through that many layers of clothing! Sperm can be pretty hearty, but all of those layers are more than they could ever survive through. So no, you have no pregnancy risk from the contact you have described.

If you're concerned about future activity, you can always ask your partner to wear a condom during dry sex. Tossing on a condom is no big deal and it is a really good way to relax your mind and know for sure that no fluids are going to get near you. In fact, your partner may find that it is actually more comfortable wearing a condom (with a bit of added lube on the inside) because it can reduce the friction and dryness that can occur during dry sex!

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