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Red dots on penis

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know_ravik asks:

I have many small red dots / spots on the tip of the penis. It pains during masturbating and during bathing in warm water. These red spots have come only recently, probably, some days after unsafe sex with a guy!
What could this be!
Is there any medicine that I can take.

David replies:

"...probably, some days after unsafe sex with a guy" Ok, you brought it up, not me. So I'm not going to scold or anything but you can guess what I'd like to say about safe sex besides how people who do it don't have as much to be anxious about? I'm just saying, Ravik.

Now about those little red dots. After Googling extensively I can say that a) a lot of men get them and ask about them and b) while they're not usually associated with any of the standard sexually-transmitted disease they might be symptoms of a common skin virus called mulluscum contagious that spreads easily with any kind of skin-to-skin contact. The best way to find out, though, is to ask a healthcare professional.

written 11 Aug 2007 . updated 27 Dec 2012

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