My BFF got a BF, and now I'm chopped liver!

My best friend got a boyfriend, and now she's ignoring me. What should I do?
Susie replies:

Leave a note for her saying, "Hey, I know you really dig your new guy and all, but I was wondering if you and me could hang out together sometime. Just us. You're still my best friend no matter what, and I miss you."

Some people get really wrapped up in the excitement of new relationships, and they forget about everything around them. Some people need a friendly nudge to remind them that their old friends are still there. A huge mistake a lot of people make (not just teens who are dating for the first time, but married couples, too) is that their partner becomes their life, and they alienate all the people around them. That's not good 'cause without friends, where do you turn when something goes wrong between you and your partner?

Whatever the deal don't act jealous of her boyfriend, and don't act bitchy about him or towards him, either. That's only going to give her reason to ignore you more. Instead try to be polite to him if you're all hanging out together.

And if you put a ton of effort into reviving your friendship and she still ignores you, then she's not a very good friend. Make sure you keep plenty of friends around.

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