I want a baby...NOW!

Hi, I'm 16 and I am craving a baby soooo badly!! I know I may be young, but I really want one!!! The only thing is I don't have a boyfriend!!
Sarah replies:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things, whether that's a car or a vacation or a child or some fried chicken and an ice cream sunday. But while it's ok to want those things, that may not mean that it's the best thing for us to have right this second in our lives. For example, I'm really craving some chicken and a hot fudge sunday, but that's not very healthy for me at all, and I've just had lunch, so I don't need that extra food.

Something similar can probably be said for your desire to have a baby right now. It's ok that you want a baby. Heck, babies are pretty darn cute, it's easy to want one! But have you really thought through whether this is the best time for you to have a child? Babies are really expensive, and pregnancy (and delivery) is really expensive! Do you have the financial resources on your own to have and raise a child right now? As well, realize that a child won't arrange its life around you, you'll have to reorganize your life to suit it. You won't be able to go out whenever you want to or buy things that you want when you want them. Every choice that you make must include the primary consideration of that child. And babies don't stay babies forever, they grow up and their needs change. Emotionally, financially, physically...you're talking about a little person who will be 100% dependent upon you. You should check out our article I Want It NOW! for a more in depth discussion of things you want to consider when considering becoming a teen parent.

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