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I stopped masturbating, so am I a virgin?

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M asks:

I'm a 13-and-a-half-year-old male, and I masturbated around 6 times, and when I start to ejaculate I stop. I do not masturbate anymore. I just want to know if I am still a virgin. So am I still a virgin? Please answer for me. I'll appreciate it.

Susie replies:

A lot of people have a lot of definitions for virginity. But let's look at it its origins as a context: Virginity was an idea invented to define the condition of one person having sex with another. Virginity's intent was to keep people off each other until it was a socially acceptable time in their live.

I do not know of anybody's definition of virginity (which is a social abstract concept, not any physical kind of condition) that would include masturbation. So in that sense, most people (including myself) would say you are still a virgin.

I think you should read some articles. They'll explain a whole lot more for you.

written 27 Nov 2007 . updated 27 Nov 2007

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