I don't think I could be pregnant, but where's my period?

I just started college, and just started having sex with my boyfriend of two years. My period hasn't come yet and it's overdue by a month. I've take three pregnancy test (all negative), but I feel bloated, tired, and have stomach pains. Is it possible I could be pregnant?
Susie replies:

College is a big change in a person's life. It's a change that is far more stressful than many would even realize. When you leave for college, your living arrangements change, you're eating new food and you've got a hectic schedule to keep. All these stressors can cause your period to be late.

If you have been taking those pregnancy tests correctly and have otherwise been using some kind of contraception, then I'd say you're not pregnant. If you *really* have to take one more stab at it, then go to a family planning clinic (your college's student health center, Planned Parenthood, your local public health clinic) and ask for a blood test to detect pregnancy. Explain that you're sexually active and your period has been delayed. Blood tests are more sensitive than urine tests when trying to detect pregnancy.

If indeed you are absolutely not pregnant, then chalk it up to environmental influences wreaking minor havoc on your cycles. Try to chill out. Make sure to eat a healthy, moderate diet. Don't overexert yourself. Your body should eventually get back into the swing of things. If it doesn't, then talk to your doctor.

You should read M.I.A or, Dude, Where's My Period? for the low-down on menstrual irregularities.

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