He ejaculated on my stomach ... Could i be pregnant?

I was wondering about what could happen if the entire time during intercourse, my significant other of 2.5 years was wearing a condom but then as soon as he was about to orgasm, he took it off and ejaculated on to my stomach. This was a COMPLETE surprise to me and it was never planned, it was just something he wanted to try...but now I'm a little worried. I did not get any semen on my fingers but I did check WITH my fingers to make sure his ejaculate didn't get inside me...it did look a good distance away from my vagina though. I was supposed to start my pill package on Sunday but I forgot and ended up taking 2 pills on the following Monday night and I've taken it at the same time ever since...but if I did get semen inside me, (in which I'm sure I didn't get any in me, but I can never be sure!) should I take EC? This just happened this afternoon so I want to be sure everything would be fine...thank you!
Hollie replies:

For a pregnancy risk to occur, sperm must have contact with your vulva. You say you don't think this happened, so I don't see any pregnancy risk here. Also, missing one pill at the beginning of your cycles does not greatly decrease it's effectivness. As there is no pregnancy risk, emergency contraception is not required.

That all said, checking with your fingers for ejaculate or pre ejaculate in the vagina is impossible. You cannot tell his fluids from yours. If he just ejaculated on your stomach and there was no drippage or any transfer (on your hands), I do not see a pregnancy risk here.

Was the fact that your boyfriend ejaculated on your stomach a good surprise or a bad surprise? Have you ever talked about doing this in the past? I ask because these kinds of 'surprises' can often lead to either sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy risks (not in this case), or leaving one partner feeling taken advantage of. If this was a surprise to you, he obviously didn't ask if you were okay with it first. It is important for a couple in a healthy, equal sexual relationship to disucss these things before hand. There needs to be a discussion about each others needs/wants, whether or not all parties agree, and any risks that may come of it. This may not seem like a big deal to you (as you didn't mention it bothering you in your question), but I would see his doing this without your consent first as a lack of respect. It would scare me; If he thinks he can do this without your consent first, what else is he going to do without your consent?

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