ejaculating "just" from making out

My boyfriend told me that his friend had ejaculated while making out with his girlfriend, and that she had noticed the spot on his pants. My boyfriend insisted that ejaculating just from making out isn't healthy, but I'm not so sure.
David replies:

Hi Katharine,

People used to believe that ejaculating at all was bad for one's health. In the 1900s they said ejaculating just a teaspoon of semen was as "dreadful" on the system as losing a almost a point of blood!

Of course nowadays we know it's perfectly fine to donate a pint of blood. We also know that -- since semen is mostly water and sugar, with small amounts of minerals like zinc and magnesium, and only a tiny bit of protein in the sperm itself -- there's no harm at all in ejaculating...

...as long as he and his partners are responsible about where. In your pants while making out? A little sticky maybe but oh my that must be some great making out!

Thanks for asking,


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