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Condoms for blow jobs?

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Kaitlyn asks:

Should a condom be used when giving a blow job?

Sarah replies:


Oral sex poses the potential for STI transmission for both the giver and the receiver. So it's wise to make sure you're using a condom (or a dental dam for oral sex on a woman) each time. One of my favorite examples of the risks associated with this is that of herpes. Many many many people have oral herpes. It's fairly common and is often picked up during childhood from contact with others or things as simple as a kiss from your granny (assuming she has oral herpes). So let's say you preform unprotected oral sex on a partner when you're just starting to get a herpes outbreak. You could very easily give your partner herpes on their genitals! Now, of course, condoms don't provide 100% protection against herpes (since they don't cover all of the contact area sometimes), but they're a lot better than nothing at all (in other words, they do reduce the risk). Other STIs can also be transmitted by unprotected oral sex. So your best bet is to wrap it up!

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written 14 Nov 2007 . updated 14 Nov 2007

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