Can she get pregnant a few days after her period?

I heard that you can have unprotected sex a few days after a girls period and not get her pregnant? I was wondering if that is true? Or if the possibilities of her getting pregnant are less?
Lauren replies:

No, that is not true. In fact, sex a few days after a person's period ends is actually within the most risky time. While it's true that a person with a uterus can get pregnant anytime there is direct vaginal contact with sperm,  there are days where a person is less likely to become pregnant. But unless they chart their fertility, including basal body temperatures and cervical mucus evaluation, they cannot be sure what their afe and unsafe days ARE, so anybody who does not have this information must assume ANY time sex happens, it can result in pregnancy. Sperm can live around 5 days inside a person with a uterus. So, let's say their period last for 5-6 days, and you have sex 2 days after it's over. Those sperm can stick around for around 5 days, so they could stay active up until day 14-15, which is the average ovulation. People ovulate earlier or later from cycle to cycle, too, which makes timing intercourse around a set ovulation period useless.

So, you'll want to choose a good method of contraception to use at all times. FAM and withdrawal are not recommended by us for teens. An excellent, easy, inexpensive choice with the least side effect is condom use. Used correctly, they're around 98% effective against pregnancy, whereas typical use of the rhythm (or as I like to call it, guess-timation) method is 80% or less.

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