Advertising at Scarleteen

Any advertisements you see independently hosted by Scarleteen are only from companies, individuals and organizations we endorse, support and feel good about sending our users to.

Because we take our mission so seriously, not every merchant, business or product is a good match for us. It's important to us that our direct advertisers are companies or merchants we can really get behind. Good advertiser matches for Scarleteen include: condom companies and distributors, alternative menstrual products, independent craftspeople, authors and musicians, young adult books, magazines or films, other reliable sex education sites and materials, other teen websites, sexual health services, clothing companies, parent resources, and more. Ad copy and imagery must both be suitable for minors, and must not be exploitive, exclusive or body-negative in any way.

Advertise at Scarleteen, and your ad dollars can net you customers and help to support reliable, accurate sex education for those who need it most. How cool is that?

Advertising rates at Scarleteen are priced at $8 CPM or less (that's ten dollars per thousand page loads). When organizing your advertising campaign, we will adjust your rates to the most current data, and we offer discounts and flexible rates for large buys, long-term contracts and for nonprofit or independent organizations and businesses.

We tailor each advertising plan to an individual vendors needs, taking into account the product itself, reader interest, suitability and visibility. Sample packages, advertising contracts and agreements, current traffic statistics per page, billing information, current rate specials and further information are available promptly by contacting us directly. Our advertisers get all the attention they need, as well as a detailed tracking and performance system for their ads.

Our user demographic is young adults, internationally, aged 14 - 24, as well as their parents, mentors and young adult educators. Services or products advertised must be suitable for minors and in line with the mission of Scarleteen, which is to provide reliable, accurate and holistic sexuality, sexual health and relationship information for young adults, which we have done since 1998 for millions of users. Scarleteen currently loads about 30,000 pages every day -- that's nearly a million loads per month; plenty of room for campaigns of any size.

The best part is that your advertising dollars can support a real rarity: accurate, reliable and globally accessible sexuality education for young adults of all genders and orientations. With STI rates for young adults rising more quickly than in any other group, GLBT youth looking for support, poor teen body image issues, and the conflict between teen life and sexuality as presented in the media and their realties, Scarleteen provides a service needed not just by those teens, but by our culture as a whole.

Interested? Have questions? Drop us a line.

Are you an ad rep or aspiring ad rep? If you've interest in helping us find advertisers, we'd love to talk to you about having you work for us.

Note: In the interest of fundraising, we are currently sampling a few different ad options hosted indirectly, such as Google AdWords. The links shown there are not endorsed or approved by us, but should be in agreement with the general mission and tone of the site here. We do our best to check as many of them as we can daily, but given the size of the site (and the fact that we have loads of other work to do here besides monitoring ads), it is not possible for us to monitor them all ourselves. Should you see an ad load during this process which does not seem within our policies, please feel free to write down the ad information -- we need the full URL to filer it -- and contact us.