About the Founder and Editor

Heather Corinna is a queer, feminist activist, writer, photographer, artist, educator, and Internet publisher and community organizer in her late thirties. She has been considered a pioneer of both online women's and young adult sexuality, having brought inclusive, informative, feminist, original, creative and radical sexuality content to the web since 1997.

Her essays, fiction, poetry and artwork have appeared in her own publications as well as in Issues Magazine, PIF Magazine, Maxi Magazine, CleanSheets, LeisureSuit.Net, Other Rooms, Cherrybomb, Sexilicious, Blood Moon, BAACHOR Magazine (in which her essay "The Door Into One Moment, Eternal," was nominated for a Pushcart Prize) and Batteries Not Included. Her fiction and creative nonfiction have also appeared in the anthologies Viscera, The Adventures of Food, Aqua Erotica, Zaftig: Well-Rounded Erotica, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 1 & 2, Shameless: An Intimate Erotica, Penthouse, and forthcoming in Girl Play. Her photography and art has been shown at/in 555 Gallery, Sex Worker Visions (New York), Babes in Toyland, Jane's Guide, Michelle 7, On Our Backs, the Bryant-Lake Bowl, Trixx (to benefit the GLBT youth center, District 202), The Independent, The Mammoth Book of Erotic Women, SEAF 2004 and other venues. She has been quoted in other sexuality books, such as The Whole Lesbian Sex Book and The Mother's Guide to Sex, and her work has been used in a number of university curricula.

Her first solo book, S.E.X, an in-depth, comprehensive and fully inclusive young adult sexuality guide published by Marlowe & Co., is available in bookstores now.

Her work at Scarleteen and her other websites have hailed acclaim from numerous publications, including The Utne Reader, The City Pages, Siren, The Industry Standard, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Phoenix, HipMama, the Oxygen Network, Estronet, Yahoo!, Lavender Magazine, and The Woman's Guide to Sex on the Web. She was an honored speaker in 1999 for the Illinois Library Association, on the topic of freedom of speech and sexuality, a lead speaker at the 2001 Webzine conference addressing independent media publishing, and a keynote speaker and artist guest of honor at the 2003 BECAUSE conference addressing bisexuality and erotic creativity, and is regularly invited to speak at internet marketing conventions on the subject of women's sexuality and sex education. Heather Corinna was also a lead plaintiff in the current ACLU vs. Gonzales case, arguing against the implentation of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), which could remove young adults' access to needed sexuality information, and her testimony, with that of two other plaintiffs, resulted in a win for freedom of speech and the availibility of sexual health and sexuality information online for minors.

Heather was previously an early childhood educator, and has taught in the Montessori method, as well as running an independent alternative Kindergarten and pre-Kindergarten for four years in her early twenties. A graduate with honors of Chicago's Academy for the Arts, where she studied music and creative writing, she won a National Academy of Poets award before she was eighteen. She continued her education at Shimer College, studying English Literature, Erotic Spirituality and Sociology. A certified Jill of All Trades, she has had a myriad of occupations, including selling wheatgrass and sprouts in Chicago